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    COUNTRY: Ethiopia

    REGION: Nansebo, Riripa

    ELEVATION: 1,900-2100 masl

    VARIETALS: Heirloom

    PROCESSING: Washed, dried on raised beds

    WE TASTE: Floral, Lemon Candy, Nectarine

    Our newest offering from Ethiopia is called Riripa, named after the community where this coffee is grown and collected in the Nansebo woreda of the West Arsi Zone. Hundreds of producers from around Riripa deliver ripe coffee cherry to a private washing station.
    At the station, the coffee will be sorted and then depulped, separating the seed from the fruit.  The seeds will be rinsed with water and then left to ferment underwater for 2-3 days.  Once the mucilage of the fruit breaks down completely, the seeds will be rinsed again before being put out to dry on raised beds. On the beds, the coffee will be carefully turned by hand for the better part of two weeks until completely dry. This labor intensive processing is a big part of why these coffees taste the way they do.
    Ethiopian coffees are some of the most tasty coffees we see all year.  Sometimes there is one that stands out and hits a higher intensity level like this coffee.  Pristinely washed, resulting in a crispness that is irresistible.  Floral like star jasmine on the nose and a sweetness/acidity like a perfect nectarine in the cup.  

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