Yellow Cat

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    COUNTRY: Costa Rica

    REGION: Chirripo

    VARIETALS: Yellow Catuai

    ELEVATION: 1,500 masl

    PROCESSING: Natural

    Notes: Light Roast; Plum, nectarine, Juicy


    Catuai is a variety grown throughout Central and South America that typically results in a very balanced cup of coffee. This coffee, however, is from the recessive yellow expression of the varietal. When the cherries are ripe they are yellow instead of red. Kind of crazy! The Urena family that we work with in Costa Rica takes the time to separate the yellow trees from the red and the taste is quite different. There seems to be an increased impression of sweetness when we taste the coffee and a bit lower acidity that lends to a very juicy cup. During our trip this past February we were really excited about this coffee!



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