Alex Baide

COUNTRY: Honduras

DEPARTMENT: Santa Barbara

REGION: Las Flores

VARIETAL: Parainema

DRY MILL: San Vincente

ELEVATION: 1,430 masl

PROCESSING: Washed, raised on dry beds

WE TASTE: Punchy, floral, white wine



The goal for many small coffee farmers we work with is to find a coffee variety to plant that will be both disease resistant and still have amazing taste.  Alex Baide and several other farmers in Honduras are finding that “Parainema” is the way to go.  Parainema is a combination of an old variety called Villas Sarchi and a disease resistant variety called Catimor.  This combination is sometimes referred to as a “Sarchimor” (useful knowledge for your next dinner party! Ha).  When I was tasting various lots of coffee on my trip to Honduras this past spring, every time Parainema was on the table it was very easy to pick out.  The only other time that I have had this experience is with naturally processed coffees and Geisha variety coffees.  You can’t miss it.

Having just acquired a farm two years ago Alex decided to plant it entirely in Parainema and the results have been stunning.  There are intense fruit notes like punch and such nice juiciness throughout.  Alex and his wife are of a younger generation of coffee farmers in Santa Barbara, Honduras that are innovative and quality focused.  We are excited to partner with them and see where the future brings us together.     

-  Jeff Brooks, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer


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