Kossa Geshe Botto

***All coffee orders are roasted and shipped on Wednesdays***

COUNTRY: Ethiopia

REGION: Limu Kossa


PRODUCER: Abdul Sherif

VARIETALS: Ethiopia Heirloom

ELEVATION: 2,100 masl

PROCESSING: Natural, dried on raised beds


WE TASTE: Blueberry, Lemonade, Milk chocolate



Most of the natural processed coffees, (cherries are picked and dried with the fruit intact), we have carried in the past come from the famed Yirgacheffe region and are grown on very small farms that are mixed together.  Kossa Geshe is from Western Ethiopia and is grown on a single, large farm allowing for meticulous picking and precision in processing.  This is especially important with a natural processed coffee in order to manage over-fermentation issues. The farm owner, Abdul Sherif, separated the farm into two lots, and this year we purchased the “Botto” lot.  Similar to last year, the Botto lot struck me with its huge body and deep berry notes.  Noticing more of a chocolatey finish this year.
–Jeff Brooks, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer


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