Natural Pacamara

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COUNTRY: Nicaragua

REGION: Nueva Segovia


FARM OWNER: Luis Alberto Balladarez

FARM: Un Regalo de Dios

DRY MILL: Beneficio Las Segovias

ELEVATION: 1,460 - 1,600 masl



WE TASTE: Strawberry, juicy, wine


A Gift of God...

I am excited to offer two special coffees this year from our long time friend and coffee farmer, Luis Alberto Balladarez.  Both coffees are from his award-winning farm called Un Regalo de Dios and are of the variety called Pacamara. The difference in the two lies in the processing of the coffee cherries after they are picked.  I think you will agree that it is very interesting how much processing can impact the final taste of the coffee.

This coffee was processed using the “natural” method.  The coffee is picked and dried with its fruit pulp intact on raised beds for about 30 days.  Once it is dried down to 11% moisture the entire fruit layer and parchment layer are removed at the same time.  The taste has deep berry fruit notes and a slight wine-like fermentation that is very pleasing.

-  Jeff Brooks, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer




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