Lasso Geisha

COUNTRY: Colombia


MUNICIPALITY: Buenos Aires de Cartago

FARMER: Jeremias Lasso

VARIETAL: Esmeralda Geisha

ELEVATION: 1,850 masl

PROCESSING: Fully washed and dried on raised beds


DRYING TIME: 8 days on raised beds under parabolic cover

WE TASTE:  Orange Blossom, Meyer Lemon, Honey



The Geisha varietal of coffee has different flavor profiles depending on where it is grown.  This Geisha was grown in Narino, Colombia by an accomplished farmer named Jeramias Lasso who got the seed stock from Hacienda Esmeralda in Panama through an intermediary source.  This is important because it means there is almost no genetic drift in the variety, allowing us to get a fairly accurate view of the impact of terroir on Geisha cup profiles.  The Colombia expression seems to have more body and a deeper honey-like sweetness than the Panama but it still has the beautiful florality.  

Geisha originated in a region of Ethiopia called “Gesha” and was transported to Panama by way of Tanzania and Costa Rica.  It was not planted heavily due to its low productivity and was accidentally discovered to have unrivaled taste on a section of a farm called Hacienda Esmeralda.  The seeds have now been planted all over the world.  Jeramias’s coffee is processed with a 24-48 hour dry fermentation and then dried on raised beds under parabolic cover from about 8 days.  -  Jeff Brooks, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer



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