Natural Geisha

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    COUNTRY: Costa Rica

    REGION: Chirripo

    VARIETALS: Geisha

    ELEVATION: 1,800 masl

    PROCESSING: Natural

    WE TASTE: Floral, Peach, Milk Chocolate

    The Geisha variety originated in Gesha, Ethiopia and wasn't discovered as special until by chance it was separated from other varieties on a farm in Panama in the early 2000s.  The taste was mind blowing compared to any other coffee in Central or South America.  

    Fast forward 20 years or so and Geisha or Gesha is everywhere!  Including the farm of our long time friends, the Urena family in Costa Rica.  They grow this coffee at the highest elevation section of their farm called Vista al Chirripo and this year they did a fairly traditional natural process to it utilizing their passive mechanical drying machines.  

    The results in the cup are markedly floral with more stone fruit notes than previous years.  The processing creates a huge body and nice milk chocolate finish.  Let this coffee rest!  It really opens up after a week or so after roast date.  We find this to be true for most natural and experimentally processed coffees.  

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