Geisha Box Set

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This processing method has become very popular in the last few years for its crystal clear fruit representation with a nice spicy taste similar to cinnamon. The coffee cherries are picked and then immediately put in airtight bags for 48 hours at which point they are then fully dried on raised beds. It is amazing to taste the impact of this processing method on the Geisha varietal with its abundance of fruit, florality, and sweetness.

REGION: Costa Rica, Chirripo

FARM: Vista Al Chirripo

FARMER: Urenas Family

ELEVATION: 1800 masl


PROCESSING: Anaerobic Natural, dried on raised beds

WE TASTE: Strawberry, Tropicals, Spice


For traditional natural processing coffee cherries are picked and then placed immediately on to raised beds for drying. Depending on the environment it will take around 30 days to reach the appropriate moisture level.  At that time both fruit and parchment layers are taken off together. The folks at La Mula farm have done an incredible job with this award-winning coffee. it is one of the highest scoring coffees we have had. Invite you to enjoy its syrupy sweetness and array of fruit flavors that change as the cup cools.

REGION: Panama, Volcan

FARM: La Mula

FARMER: Willem Boot

ELEVATION: 1,500 masl


PROCESSING: Natural, dried on raised beds

WE TASTE: Jasmine, Passion fruit, Caramel


For a washed coffee the cherries are picked and then sent through a depulper which removes the outer fruit layer. The coffee is then fermented for a set amount of time and the remaining stickiness of the fruit is scrubbed off. Finally the coffee is dried for between 5 and 20 days.  This method when utilized with the Geisha varietal produces a cup that is very delicate and floral with less body and more definition of flavor.  

REGION: Guatemala, Acatenango

FARM: Unreleased for security reasons

FARMER: Unreleased for security reasons

ELEVATION: 1,650masl


PROCESSING: Washed, dried on raised beds

WE TASTE: Jasmine, Rose, Black tea

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