Rojas Honey

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COUNTRY: Costa Rica

REGION: Brunca, Chirripo

PRODUCER: Cafe Rivense del Chirripo

DRY MILL: Cafe Rivense del Chirripo


ELEVATION: 1,550 masl


WE TASTE: Grape juice, Pear, Kiwi



It has been such a joy visiting the Ureña family these past three years and experiencing Café Rivense del Chirripó tucked in between the mountains of Cerro de la Muerte and Cerro Chirripó. Certainly a beautiful site to behold; the mountain of Chirripó being the tallest in the country. The Ureña's pride and passion for excellent coffee was evident as we toured their farm and operations, after all Régulo Ureña has been at it for 30 years as the third generation in coffee and he’s now leading his sons in the business as well. Their quality is only improving through the years!

This is an amazing example of pristine honey processing of the coffee cherry.  Rivense picks ripe cherries, removes the pulp but leaves the mucilage intact, and then uses solar covered raised drying beds.  They have gotten pretty good at this because it is all they do along with natural processing.  The Urenas' don't have any washed processed coffees, which is also good for the environment as they don't need any water for washing or soaking.  

-  Jeff Brooks, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer


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