Esmeralda Geisha


REGION: Boquete

FARMER: Peterson Family

FARM: Hacienda La Esmeralda

ELEVATION: 1,600-1,800 masl



WE TASTE: Orange blossom, stone fruits, lemon candy



In the 2004 Best of Panama Competition, a judge famously stated he had “seen the face of God in a cup” after tasting a coffee from Hacienda Esmeralda.  The Peterson family has owned the coffee farms of Esmeralda since 1967 and in the 90s they acquired a new high elevation farm named Jaramillo, which had recently been destroyed by leaf rust.  Fortuitously, they found some disease resistant, gangly trees that survived and decided to re-plant the whole farm with that unknown varietal.  Only later, after winning the competition in 2004, it was discovered that these ‘gangly trees’ were a variety called Geisha (or Gesha).  Long ago, the seeds had journeyed to Panama from Gesha Ethiopia via Tanzania and Costa Rica and were all but forgotten due to their low productivity.  

Even though Geisha is now grown all over the world, Geishas from Esmeralda continue to be amongst the best due to their proximity to the original genetic stock.  It is an amazing story and an equally amazing coffee.

This year we are pleased to share with you the Esmeralda Private Collection.  It is an off auction selection of microlots made by the Petersons to represent the true geisha profile.  It is meticulously washed and prepped without defect so the taste is not lost in any way.  Look for stunning floral notes on the nose and an array of stone fruits and lemon acidity in the cup. I would say it is “the blessing of God in a cup”.  Drink and be blessed!  -  Jeff Brooks, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer



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