Evin Gomez

***All coffee orders are roasted and shipped on Wednesdays***

COUNTRY: Honduras

DEPARTMENT: Santa Barbara

REGION: Las Flores


ELEVATION: 1,450 masl

DRY MILL: San Vincente

PROCESSING: Washed, dried on raised beds

WE TASTE: Tropical fruit, dark chocolate, tangerine



This is our second year working with Evin Gomez and we are thrilled to see consistent quality.

Evin is part of a new generation of young farmers in Honduras who have decided to strike out on their own in specialty coffee.  He brings a new energy and spirit of innovation to a generations-old industry while upholding the positive sides of tradition.

I was very excited to hear that Evin’s farm, which he was given to care for by his parents, is planted in an old Bourbon variety of coffee.  Bourbon has an heirloom quality to it that results in deep sweetness and flavor. The coffee is processed separately in his parent’s wet mill and dried on raised beds insuring a result that is without defect.

-  Jeff Brooks, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer


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