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REGION: Murang'a

WASHING STATION: Gatubu Washing Station

VARIETAL: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11

COOPERATIVE: Iyego Coffee Growers Cooperative

ELEVATION: 1,500-1,700 masl

PROCESSING: Fully washed, AB bean selection

WE TASTE: Tropical fruit, Lime, Stone fruit



“Gatubu Washing Station is a member of the larger 670 member Iyego Cooperative that unites communities from across Muranga County.  This is the historical heart of Kenya’s independence movement. Whereas neighboring Nyeri is known primarily for coffee, Muranga is also associated with Kenya’s first mission (in Murang’a), first colonial outpost (Fort Smith) and the Mau Mau uprising.

Muranga is also the point in the Aberdare range where snow melt turns into rivers. The eponymic River Maragua, Mathioya, Kayahew, Irati, Muriurio and others have their start in these fertile foothills.” (Crop to Cup)

These fertile hills of Muranga have produced a juicy cup, full of tropical fruit and lime notes.
- Giv Coffee

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