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ORIGIN: Ethiopia



VARIETALS: Ethiopia Landrace

ELEVATION: 2,280 masl

PROCESS: Washed, dried on raised beds

WE TASTE: Floral, peach, mango


In the Forest of Central Guji...

Gogogu Wate is a coffee washing station in the forests of Central Guji that is owned by a man named Kedir Jabril.  The elevations are stunning, easily topping over 2100masl, making the region home to some of the highest grown coffees in the world.  The high elevations plus the precise washing that Kedir uses create amazingly clean and dense coffees.  The taste is like a honeysuckle and peach with a heavy body that is unlike many washed Ethiopian coffees that can taste a bit thin.  

Our friends at Red Fox Coffee Merchants have been buying from Kedir for several years now and point out that he pays almost double for the coffee cherries delivered to his washing station.  This leads to better quality and a better life for the farmers.  We are really excited to offer this gem to you!   

- Jeff, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer

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