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REGION: Kiambu



ELEVATION: 1,600 masl


WE TASTE: Black currant, Citrus, Syrupy


Ndege; Aeroplane...

We are excited to roast our first Kenya of the season from a mill called Handege.  This coffee is everything we love about Kenya: Intense acidity, black currant, layers upon layers of other fruit, and a sweetness that is so high.  

Handege is a relatively small factory in the Kiambu region, with an annual production of about 150 metric tons. The name comes from the Swahili word Ndege, which means aeroplane.

At the factory cherries are pulped, fermented and washed, before being sun-dried on raised African drying tables. The dry parchment is then taken to a dry mill for hulling and grading after which it is taken to a secure warehouse prior to Auction.

The Handege Coffee Mill or ‘factory’, is part of a larger producer cooperative known as Ritho Society.

Founded in 1972, Ritho works with coffee factories throughout Kiambu county, and also works with Wamaguma factory.

The soil around the Kiambu region are rich with red volcanic rock, black cotton and patches of loam – perfect for coffee production. Annual rainfall of around 100cm each year ensures the soil is well saturated.

Similarly to other factories and estates in the same area, there is a wide range of native shade trees and the area hosts all sorts of wild animals such as antelopes, hyenas, porcupines, squirrels, anteaters, monkeys and many others.

- Jeff, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer

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