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    COUNTRY: Ethiopia

    REGION: Shantawene

    ELEVATION: 2250 masl

    VARIETALS: Heirloom

    PROCESSING: Natural, dried on raised beds

    WE TASTE: Honeysuckle, Guava, Peach

    We are excited to have a fresh natural Ethiopian coffee back on the list! This coffee comes from a region called Bensa in Sidama Ethiopia, which has exploded with some amazing coffees over the last 5 years. We are trying to find a producer that we can partner with over the long haul from this region and Melese has brought a real show stopper here! His coffee has all the goods: bright acidity, florality, juicy body, and more fruits than can be named. If you remember the coffee call Keramo that we had in the past, this coffee is in that vein taste-wise.

    More on Melese Wolde from our import partner Crop to Cup:

    Melese Wolde’s farm in Shantawane developed a reputation for quality after winning a competition through one of the major specialty importers twice—an importer who never, in the end, showed up to buy the coffee. Melese is a farmer through and through, he told us, as we stood in his warehouse to avoid the rain, his coffee sleeping protected under plastic tarpaulins on his raised beds. He said would have happily continued to sell his farm’s cherry to private washing stations if the government had not given him the ability to get his own export license—which he did, in 2018. His son, the oldest of his six children, helps him and runs the harvest.

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