Origin: Ethiopia, Agaro

Varietals: Ethiopia Heirloom

Elevation: 1,900-2,100 masl

Producer: Yukro

Processing: Washed

Notes: Plum, apricot, syrup

Yukro is a cooperative of small farmers that worked with an organization called Technoserve (google them for more info) to create sustainable and beautiful coffees. The key word here is sustainable. Technoserve not only helps to develop coffee processing for farmers but also works to develop business skills like budgeting and management skills. This has meant that Yukro can produce amazing coffees year after year and receive the premiums due for their quality. What a novel idea!

The cup definitely screams “Thank you Technoserve!!” Seriously though, this is one of our top coffees in a long time. The distinctiveness sticks out. It is unlike any coffee. There is a huge, plum-wine-like sweetness that just overwhelms the palate. The acidity is perfect, the body is juicy. There are florals, notes of citrus, and so much more.   Oh, and be patient with this one. It is so different as it cools and as it ages. Day one can be dramatically different than day two and a hot cup may underwhelm but as it cools you will be shocked.