Big News

It’s true! We are excited to announce that Giv Coffee is moving forward! We are starting our very own coffee shop and roastery in Canton, CT. We have recently purchased the property at 194 Albany Ave/Rt44 and are busy working away on the inside preparing plans for a cozy place for an excellent cup of coffee and more. We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress!

Try the World’s Best Coffee Variety: Gesha

“Chance favors the prepared mind”.  Or in this case the “prepared palette”.   The Gesha varietal of coffee was almost passed up as low yielding and not sustainable for coffee farming.  That is until it showed up in a coffee tasting in Panama where it “jumped” off the table as absolutely superior in its taste.  Now it is regarded as the best coffee varietal in the world, topping coffee scoring charts consistently and commanding some of the highest prices ever paid for coffee, which also means that farmers are receiving huge premiums.  Our Gesha is grown in the Acatenango region of Guatemala on a single farm and prepared to exacting standards.  You will find our pricing to be very reasonable compared to other Geshas out there.  It is the ideal holiday gift!
Order a bag for yourself Here.


Get it in a Box Set with our “Elephant Bean” and our “Salvador Caturra” Here