New coffees are in!


We have been looking high and low this winter for delicious new coffees to add to our list. It is the season for South American coffees and no one gets South American coffees like an importing company called Red Fox Coffee Merchants. They are able to get unbelievable Colombian and Peruvian coffees and we have worked hard to secure some of their top lots.

It is also the season for Rwandan coffees and Brazilian coffees. We have secured this year’s crop from Gitesi, which scored extremely high last year on Coffee Review and a Brazilian coffee from a region known as Carmo de Minas, which produces some of the best in the country. The Brazilian coffee definitely gives our Monte Cristo a run for its money!

We will be rolling these out onto the list slowly but surely as we find their sweet spot in the roaster.

So start looking forward to tasting delicious coffees from:

Colombia (3 different lots), Brazil, Rwanda, and Peru


Best K-Cups are here says Kenneth Davids!!


WAHOO!! We knew they were good, but now you can know it too! Our Konga K-Cups were the TOP RATED entry in an international tasting by Coffee Review; The World’s Leading Coffee Guide!

Here’s what leading coffee reviewer Kenneth Davids had to say…”the best we tested was the 90-rated Giv COFFEE Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Natural, presented in an UpShot capsule holding 11 grams of ground coffee that generated close to a perfect gold-cup-standard extraction at a 6-ounce setting.” Check out the rest of the article here and the review here.

TRY SOME FOR YOURSELF! Buy them at our store here!

Big News

It’s true! We are excited to announce that Giv Coffee is moving forward! We are starting our very own coffee shop and roastery in Canton, CT. We have recently purchased the property at 194 Albany Ave/Rt44 and are busy working away on the inside preparing plans for a cozy place for an excellent cup of coffee and more. We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress!