Giv Coffee is a coffee roasting initiative that seeks to utilize coffee's global influence to bring about positive change in the international coffee communities, coffee consumers, and the lives of those in need.

In order to deliver an excellent product, we acknowledge that each step of the coffee process deserves our special attention and diligence.

We scrutinize the choice of which farmers to work with.

Then obsessively roast the green beans, and train our baristas to craft the perfect cup.

Not only do we ensure farmers are receiving a fair wage, Giv gives to those in need from the proceeds of each bag!


Giv Coffee co-owners, Jeff and Emily, have travelled and worked overseas on several extended occasions, especially with those in need. Upon returning to the United States, a major question surfaced; “How do we connect people and resources with the many needs we see abroad and locally?” Coffee would become an excellent answer to this dilemma. 

In April 2011, Jeff and Emily visited friends who own Carabello Coffee, a philanthropic coffee roasting company in Newport, Kentucky. They were inspired by the idea that excellent coffee could be tied with an excellent cause. Back in Torrington, CT, Jeff, a long time coffee connoisseur himself, began roasting, and in the fall of 2011 Giv Coffee was born. 

For the first four years, farmers markets were an ideal venue to highlight our roasted beans and delicious cups of coffee. Then, in June of 2015, Giv moved to Canton, CT and opened their very first cafe. This new Roastery & Cafe is an exceptional place for coffee education and enjoyment in the Farmington Valley. Come and see the steps of coffee production all under one roof! Watch green beans move all the way to a packaged bag or delicious latte in your hands.


Specifically, at Giv Coffee we acknowledge the importance of excellence throughout the whole life of a coffee bean, crop to cup. We only seek the best quality! Our green coffee buyer spends hours before each purchase, scrutinizing farmers and their lots, working with the importer to secure samples of the best crop. It’s only after we sample and agree that the beans meet our high standards that we purchase sacks of green coffee. Among our beans are award winners, micro-lots, and farm direct coffees, all well beyond specialty grade on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scale.

Once the green beans are in our hands, we pay obsessive attention to roasting and freshness. Each lot of coffee is studied as our roaster determines its ‘sweet spot’; what roast level, to the degree, is right for that coffee bean.

The painstakingly roasted beans are then packaged or placed into the hands of our trained baristas. Each Giv barista has been educated on the proper use of the espresso machine and in the ways of brewing methodology. It is this diligence that ensures all the hard work of the farmer and roaster will shine in this last step as you sip a perfectly extracted cup of coffee.

Finally, at Giv Coffee, we seek fairly traded beans. All of our coffees are purchased responsibly and farmers get a fair price for their crop. On top of this, we give directly to those in need from the proceeds of each bag we sell.


Tues-Sat 8:00am-3:00pm
194 Albany Trnpk, Canton, CT 06019

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