Rojas Honey

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    COUNTRY: Costa Rica

    REGION: Brunca, Chirripo

    PRODUCER: Cafe Rivense del Chirripo

    DRY MILL: Cafe Rivense del Chirripo

    VARIETAL: Caturra

    ELEVATION: 1,550 masl


    WE TASTE: Grape juice, Pear, Kiwi

    The Urena's came on the radar of specialty coffee buyers when they placed very high in the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence with one of their honey processed coffees. To this day it is their bread and butter so to speak. Rojas Honey is a prime example of their skill year in and year out. If you are not familiar with honey processing it is when the outer fruit pulp is removed but some of the mucilage from the fruit pulp is left on the seed (coffee bean). The seeds are placed out to dry with this remaining mucilage which creates a deeper, fruitier sweetness and a slight reduction in the acidic intensity. We have seen this coffee in the past sell really well across all different palate preferences. It has something for everyone!



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    Giv Coffee