La Carolina

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    COUNTRY: Nicaragua


    REGION: Nueva Segovia

    VARIETAL: Caturra

    FARM: La Carolina & El Naranjo

    FARMER: Andres Figueroa Lopez & Romulo Victor Paguaga

    ELEVATION: 1,300 masl

    PROCESSING: Washed by Luis Alberto

    WE TASTE: Chocolate, Caramel, Apple



    This coffee is a collaboration between Luis Alberto and two other farmers named Romulo Victor and Andres Figueroa.  Luis buys the wet parchment from them and then does the drying and final milling on his own. A major part of producing great coffee is processing it properly.  A farmer could grow the best coffee and pick only the ripest cherries but if the coffee is processed poorly it would taste horrible. Luis is a time-honored expert at processing coffee and Andres and Romulo are great farmers. A perfect match.

    La Carolina is the type of coffee that I could drink all day long.  It is super sweet and chocolaty with hints of fruit that don't overwhelm.

    -Jeff Brooks, Green Coffee Buyer & Co-Owner




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