*Ultra Limited* Cerro Azul Geisha

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    COUNTRY: Colombia

    REGION: Valle del Cauca

    Farm: Cerro Azul

    VARIETALS: Geisha

    ELEVATION: 1,700 - 2000 masl

    PROCESSING: Hybrid Washed

    WE TASTE: Crisp violet, sweet orange, perfectly balanced acidity

    We taste a lot of coffees throughout the year and we know that some coffees just rise above the rest.  Typically they are more expensive because more labor is put into their picking and processing at smaller volumes.  This is one of those coffees.  Not only is it the amazing coffee variety, Geisha, but it is also grown in the perfect climate, and meticulously processed. 

    The results are astounding!  Something truly special.  To be enjoyed with as much care as went into every single coffee cherry.  The florality is like nothing we have tasted before in its crispness and clarity from aroma to taste.  But it doesn't stop there.  The cup is bolstered by an amazing juiciness and deeply sweet citrus notes.   


    Cafe Granja de Esperanza, a renowned multi-generational coffee family, excels in producing world-class coffee. Their Cerro Azul farm, chosen for cultivating the prized Geisha variety, thrives despite challenging conditions: high altitude, Pacific breezes, and temperature fluctuations, which concentrates energy into the cherries, resulting in exceptional sweetness.

    This Geisha lot underwent a hybrid washed process, involving a double fermentation: 20 hours in closed tanks followed by de-pulping, then an additional 35 hours in open tanks. Lastly, the beans were mechanically dried and then moved to raised beds for final drying.
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