Java Natural

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COUNTRY: Nicaragua

REGION: Nueva Segovia


FARM OWNER: Luis Alberto Balladarez

FARM: Un Regalo de Dios

DRY MILL: Beneficio Las Segovias

ELEVATION: 1,460 - 1,600 masl



WE TASTE: Orange blossom, juicy, delicate


Java or Java...

Java is a name that has become synonymous with the coffee beverage.  But it is also an island in Indonesia where coffee is grown and it is a coffee variety, which is what I am referring to with this coffee.  Four years ago our friend and coffee farmer, Luis Alberto Balladarez, starting planting Java on his award winning farm Un Regalo de Dios and now we are seeing the amazing results!

Due to its close ties to heirloom Ethiopian varieties, Java can have a distinct florality and citrus.  Luis wanted to really capture that taste in this coffee so he used the natural process method where the coffee is dried in its own fruit pulp.  The processing added body and intensified the orange blossom florality in a beautiful way.

-  Jeff Brooks, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer




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