Maura Basante

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    COUNTRY: Colombia

    DEPARTMENT: Narino


    VEREDA: Indo Centro

    VARIETAL: Castillo 

    ELEVATION: 2100 masl

    PROCESSING: Fully washed


    DRYING TIME: 8 days

    WE TASTE:  Red apple, sweet grapefruit, cocoa

    This is our sixth year buying from Maura! This year her coffee is leaning away from blackberry and toward sweet red apple and chocolate.  It is a very pleasing cup profile that will keep you coming back for more.

    When we first began working with Maura she was pulping the coffee by hand, which takes a long time and is physically taxing.  It was also making it difficult for her to increase her capacity so we raised money in our cafe to help her purchase a gas powered pulper and now her capacity is double!  A great story of how relational coffee buying can truly change the lives of people on so many levels.  Thank you for being part of the story.

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