***All coffee orders are roasted and shipped on Wednesdays***

ORIGIN: 33% Ethiopia, 33% Colombia, 33% Brazil

REGION: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia & Narino, Colombia & Minas Gerais, Brazil

VARIETALS: Heirloom, Castillo, Mundo Novo, Catuai, Red Bourbon

PROCESS: Washed & Natural

WE TASTE: Caramel, creamy, peach

Sometimes all that's needed is a change of perspective.  From the negative to the positive. Instead of seeing a world full of chaos and destruction, see beauty. Instead of seeing a glass half empty, see it full. Take a step back and see the world differently. Let this coffee be a catalyst of change in your day. Bright, juicy, transformative.

- Jeff Brooks, Co-Owner & Green Coffee Buyer

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